You Mean I'm ADOPTED It can be challenging for people to understand why adoption processes through rescue groups are so “strict”. You would like to adopt a new pet, you like the look of the dog available, why can’t you just pick it up and give it a loving home?

The main focus of N.A.R.A. is to rescue abused, neglected and abandoned animals in Terrace, B.C. and surrounding communities.  We are a foster home based rescue, which means the spaces we have available for incoming animals is very limited – limited by the number of foster homes we have.  We also make a commitment to every animal we adopt out – that is, if the home doesn’t work out, they can always come back to us. They will always have a home – for their entire lives.

This means we have to keep our foster homes open and available for the next companion animal in need. To accomplish this we work with reputable rescues in the lower mainland. We are extremely lucky that local airlines, such as Hawkair, help us get our animals to those rescues. This frees up our foster homes and we can then help the next animal on our list. Yes, unfortunately, there is almost always a waiting list.

This means that we may not always have an animal available for adoption. We connect them with people who can quickly connect them with their furever homes. If you are interested in an animal you know we have in care, please complete an application to adopt. We ask for your understanding if that animal is not available because we have already moved it to another rescue. Sometimes we can connect you with that rescue, sometimes they already have an adopter available by the time we send the animal to them.  We will do our very best to connect you with the animal you want.

We are always looking for foster homes and if you want to help  our animals, volunteering to be a foster home is one of the very best ways to be of the most help to an animal in need. Please, apply today!!!

Statistically, only one in five dogs/cats remain, for their entire lifespan, in the home to which they were born . Of the animals that become homeless, the average number of homes they have to readjust to is four. The animals that are re-homed are the lucky ones; others can end up abandoned on streets and in over-filled shelters. Many die.

Animals that end up in the care of rescue groups often have histories of abuse, neglect and abandonment. A rescue group’s role is to help heal both the physical and emotional wounds the animals may have as a result. Along with the prevention of unwanted offspring (spay/neuter), ethical rescuers ensure that the animals in their care never need “rescuing” again. To help ensure that the next placement is a successful one, a careful screening of adoptive homes is done to match individuals and families with a dog/cat that fits their lifestyle.

At Northern Animal Rescue Alliance (NARA), the first step in the adoption process is to fill out an Adoption Application. An application is simply a detailed questionnaire that gives the rescue volunteer some basic information that indicates the  type of environment you and your family can provide a pet. There are no right and wrong answers for the application. Honesty on the your  part can help the rescue group match you with the best pet for you!

If the NARA volunteer finds that the application is the right fit for the animal in question, a home visit will be set up at the convenience of the  prospective adopter. The home visit is simply to verify that the information on the application is correct and it provides  the  the NARA Volunteer and prospective adopter a chance to go over any questions or concerns each may have.

If all is good, the prospective adopter can then do one, or more meet and greets with the dog/cat. The reason the meet and greets come after the screening process is to help avoid hard feelings if the Adoption Application is denied, and to prevent unduly bothering our volunteer foster homes with meet and greets that will come to nothing when an  application doesn’t match the animal, or the home visit is not successful.

When the animal comes to your home to stay, it is under a Foster-to-Adopt Agreement. If you find that  the fit between you and the animal you have chosen is not successful, you will have 30 days to return the animal to NARA and to get your full adoption donation back.  After 30 days, the NARA  will, at any point, accept its rescued animal back into care, but the adoption donation will not be returned after the 30 day Foster-to-Adopt time period has elapsed.

If, after the 30 days Foster-to-Adopt period, you feel that you have a successful match, an adoption contract will be signed and the animal will now legally belong to you. Two important things agreed upon in the contract are:

1.  All municipal, provincial and federal laws, bylaws and policies pertaining to animals will be obeyed at all times e.g. leash laws, anti-chaining ordinances, proper restraints in pick ups, etc.,


2. If,  at any time in the future,  you cannot keep your pet, it MUST  be returned to Northern Animal Rescue Alliance.

Once we rescue an animal, we take full ethical and moral responsibility for that animal for the entirety of its life. It is our goal to find forever homes for our rescued animals, and when that doesn’t work out, we will take them back into our care. This is a commitment we take very seriously.

The focus of Northern Animal Rescue Alliance is the animals in our care. Volunteers want to place foster animals in the home that fits the animal’s needs the best,  to ensure their future health and happiness. If you are denied an animal, please don’t take it personally. There is a home for every animal, but sometimes it takes a while to find the right fit for a dog/cat (especially if they have special needs and/or quirks!)  Try and remember, we do it for the critters in our care and human wants/needs are always secondary.

It may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through, or even seem a bit intrusive, but it really is for the sake of the animals. It benefits the humans too, as a great match makes for a happier experience for all!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this explanation, and I hope you decide to make Adoption your First Option!



With some exceptions, dogs are $350, pups are more as they require a series of vaccines and several de-worming sessions, along with spay/neuter. All dogs are fully vetted (seen and cared for by a licensed veterinarian) upon adoption. Changes in fees may occur, at the discretion of NARA,  when dealing with seniors, dogs that require little vetting, etc.



These forms can be downloaded, printed and submitted. Alternatively, you may complete our online application process. The online applications are listed in our side menu, located in the right-hand column of every page.